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Thursday, April 26, 2012

List Filipino Exotic(weird) Foods you should try,

Here are 5 Filipino Exotic foods you should try eating first. These are my favorites Pinoy exotic  Foods. If you haven't tasted any exotic foods yet these are some nice food to start with.

1.  BALUT. Its a duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. Its also believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack. Here's a tip on how to savor the taste of balut. First, hold up the egg with the wider part on the bottom. Crack the tip and make just a small hole then put a pinch of salt in it and take a sip and savor the taste of the broth. after you sipped all the juice. slowly widen the crack, add pinch of salt and slowly bit on the egg yolk to savor it each time , you must eat it with passion to enjoy the sweet and unique taste of balut. You can also add a vinegar with a hot chili peppers for those who like spicy foods. You can buy balut on the vendor roaming on the streets holding a basket shouting "BALLLUUUTTT' . 
2.   ISAW is a chicken or pig intestine skewered on a stick. it is cleaned inside and out before it is boiled and grilled. The taste is unique to other barbecue ,its slightly bitter because of some fecal mater left inside the intestine.  I think thats what makes it exotic. it is usually dipped in KURAT a Filipino term for especially made vinegar with onions and other flavour enhancers. its like a Filipino version of gravy. its sold on the street most of the Pinoy's buy isaw for pulutan. a beer or a gin and an isaw  = a happy drinking session.  


3. BETAMAX is chicken or pig blood that is set aside to dry and form a gelatinous substance. it is cut into rectangular cube like a betamax tape, skewered on a stick and grilled. i cant actually describe the taste because its unique just like any other Fillipino exotic foods. i suggest you try eating it.
4.  GINATAANG DAGA . hmmm yummy. one of the strangest food I ever tasted. Ginataang daga is not made from rats inside our house. its called DAGANG BUKID these are  found in rice fields in the Philippines. I actually had an experience catching these rats and I find in more enjoying than actually eating it. The best time to catch this is during rainy season because the rat hole are filled water and they get out of their hole. thats the opportunity to strike them with a bat or a stick. cooking it is just like cooking a ginataang manok. but it takes a longer process because you need to remove that skin, cut the heads and boil it  times to remove the smell. but thee taste is similar to a chicken. yummy huh. beeing a bikolano i like it when its spicy, THE BEST. 


  1. about dun sa ginataang dang bukid i heard a news na this years harmful na kainin yung dagang bukid bakit? anong cause?

  2. They said masarap daw ang balut, totoo ba yun? Di ko kasi kayang kainin yun!